Website Vulnerability Assessment

ACSI powerful cybersecurity technology teams, armed with extensive and practical experience, following the OWASP Top 10 international detection standards and in collaboration with internationally renowned web vulnerability scanning tools, software scanning adheres to OWASP TOP 10 or product standard detection rules.

We assist in scanning and provide our clients with website vulnerability scanning services and result assessments, aiming to identify website security vulnerabilities early and complete vulnerability patching operations in a timely manner, preventing intrusion attacks exploiting these weaknesses.

  • Website architecture assessment
  • Web Application security assessment, like SQL Injection、cross site scripting
  • CGI programmatic access control checks, like GET、PUT、DELETE
  • Web code detection and analysis
  • OWASP TOP 10 vulnerability assessment item
  • Remote or on-site execution
  • Comprehensive web crawling of target website directories, along with URL and path logging, etc.
  • Conduct security testing for website architecture and web applications
  • English report, including:
  • Patching recommendations
  • Execution time, tool, list and detection number of URL, number of vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerability ranking and vulnerability severity distribution