Do you worry about data security on public cloud? So Let enterprises to control their own core data is the most secure way. eDC Box101 can easily create enterprise-class dedicated storage space for customers. The customers can fully decide their data storage locations. Adopting the self-built cloud storage solution, customers do not have to worry about data away from their eyes and public cloud information security issues. Box101 is an excellent choice.
Acer eDC Box101 provides enterprise to have internal exclusive offering cloud storage. It lets document file storage and sharing of new exchange and processing mode. Any time, any place, any device can access your cloud data, satisfying the immediate benefits from cloud.


Product Feature

Support Platform

  • Windows, Android, iOS app
  • Browser, WebDAV connection
  • Mount external storage


  • Support AES encryption
  • AD/LADP integration
  • Data stores on premise no worry for data leak
  • Space quota specified by the administrator
  • Permissions control can more closely based on actual organizational structure


  • Provide data synchronization and sharing
  • Support for audio and video streaming
  • File or folder can be shared to individual accounts or groups
  • Can temporarily share files with hyperlink access

Major Benefits

Easy and fast

  • User friendly interface
  • Quick installation and deploy
  • Support hardware-free installation Appliance

Protection and Management

  • Protect company’s internal data
  • Select a secured storage location
  • Comply information security management policies and procedures
  • Reduce the use of external cloud storage costs

Integration and Expansion

  • Integrate the use of existing storage equipment
  • Support scale out expansion of storage capacity
  • Can integrate easily with VDI solution (VDcooper)

Professional Services Support

  • Services and logistical support all by Acer eDC and certified partners

Cloud Storage Appliance for Small Medium Business

Box101-C100Box101-C100 Cloud Storage Appliance


  • Intel quo cores Xeon E3-1230v3 (3.3G/ 8M Cache /1600)


  • 16GB (DDR3-1600 Reg. ECC Memory)

Storage HDD

  • 4x SATA 2TB 3.5”HDD (Total 8TB), SATA RAID

Network Port

  • Gigabit Ethernet port