eDC Cloudgoda Cloud Portal

Service Introduction
We give you a visual design tool to design a cloud architecture and manage cloud architecture solution in a faster, better and cheaper manner than current methodologies. You can view the cloud infrastructure resource usage status of different cloud platforms and optimize cloud resource usage through the CSP cloud management platform after deploying cloud architecture.
Service Feature
  • VM Pricing Comparison
Provide the different VM type and pricing of AWS, GCP, eDC and IBM cloud.

  • Detect Region Latency
Through regional latency detection, you can get the latency of each cloud region and let you choose the most suitable region for deploying cloud services.

  • Design and Deploy:
We design different types of visual service components, such as computing, storage, network, and database. Drag and drop these service components into the design box and click any service components to see the current configuration. Design your cloud architecture in minutes.

  • Template Function
The cloud architecture you design can be stored as a template. The template can be reused, or you can adjust to create another architecture without redesign from zero every time.

  • Template Samples
If you don’t know how to design your cloud architecture. We have also provided cloud architecture templates for different applications. You can use them directly or adjust these templates to fit your application architecture.
  • ChatBot
Customer service robot can provide consulting service and best practices all the time. You can choose the suitable cloud services easily and conveniently.

  • CSP Management
CSP cloud management can view the status and information of cloud resources after deployment. Help to check the operation status of the cloud infrastructure, know whether the cloud resources are enough or the idle resources. Then reduce costs, increase performance and improve security.

Integrations Cloud Cervices
Available integrations of AWS, GCP and IBM cloud services

Service Benefit
  • Connects multiple cloud service providers through single portal and provides service information.
  • Drag and drop to quickly build cloud architecture.
  • Visualize cloud architecture and create cloud architecture diagrams. Easily to see the overview of cloud architecture.
  • Designed a cloud architecture can to be reused or create another cloud architecture.
  • CSP cloud management can help to view the cloud architecture operation status and cloud resource usage. Let you optimize cloud architecture.