Scanning Service of Web Vulnerability

Service Overview

Acer ACSI technical team of information security provides web application vulnerability scanning and result assessment reports to the clients, with rich professional experiences in information security. It can not only help the client save the software cost, but also provide external webpage vulnerability scanning services for external host computer upon requests. Acer ACSI provides an automated webpage assessment report to the client with regard to scanning results and recommendations, serving as the guidance for host computer information security management.

Service Description

Service Content
Service Overview
Scanning and Assessment
  • Overall website structure scanning
  • Web Application security scanning, such as vulnerabilities in SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, etc.
  • CGI program access assessment (e.g., GET, PUT, DELETE)
  • Web page code testing and vulnerability assessment for PHP, JSP, ASP, etc.
  • OWASP TOP 10 vulnerability scanning
  • Regular remote scanning
  • Comprehensive testing for the target web sites, URLs, and directories target under test, together with URL, path record, etc.
  • Security scanning for web page applications, directories and website structure 
  • Scanning duration, scanning approach, scanning tools
  •  Vulnerability summary and analysis
  • Security improvement recommendations

Expected Benefits
  • Regular web page vulnerability reports, which serve as information security management guidelines r
  • Timely responses and patches to web site vulnerability
  • Secured personal information
  • Reduced risk and compliance with auditory requirements
  • An active and effective anti-hacking security protocol

Execution flow