Cloud Smart Portal



As cloud computing takes off, Acer eDC has used its experience in cloud data center operations to develop the Cloud Smart Portal (CSP),
a cloud management platform.
The Cloud Smart Portal has already been proven in the field and is featured in the Intel Cloud Builders community as a flexible tool that assists IT managers to rapidly develop their own private cloud. The solution uses Acer eDC''s CSP over a virtual architecture, giving
enterprises a flexible and scalable cloud architecture that reduces infrastructure costs.
CSP includes complete life-cycle management for virtual machines and helps enterprise to enjoy all the benefit and value from its private Cloud. Acer combines robust server products and Acer eDC’s CSP, to create the Cloud Express, Cloud Enabler and Couple Cloud turn-key private cloud solutions for markets across the world.


  • Cloud Smart Portal offers cloud operation over well-known hypervisors, including VMware® vSphere™, Windows® Hyper-V™ and Citrix® XenServer™. Virtualization is just the first step to private cloud infrastructure and services, and CSP provides additional features.
  • CSP enhances a virtualized environment, adding customizability, selective services, automated processes, standard costs or chargeback plans, rapid resource rapid elasticity, metering and more.
  • Acer eDC has built on its experience of developing public cloud services to create a private cloud tool for enterprise developers. CSP takes into consideration the hierarchical structure of many organizations, where roles are assigned depending on an individual''s job function and needs. Once set, users from multiple departments can enjoy an easy-to-use, customizable portal that can request, monitor and deploy IT resources on-demand.
Key Feature List


  • Virtual Machine Life Cycle Management
    For each virtual machine from requests, permission, deployment, management, metering and billing to retirement. , all the tasks can be done automatically according users’ needs.
  • Online Self-service Portal
    Users can request machine resources on demand, based on their application or project needs, through the service subscription via the portal.
  • Service Catalogue and Billing/Chargeback
    CSP provides custom templates and billing for virtual machines, allowing IT managers enormous flexibility and agility when managing pools of IT infrastructure within their organization.
  • Resource Provisioning and Utilization Monitoring Dashboard
    This powerful tool allows a user to manage a pool of different systems with different storage capacities, with anytime monitoring of system information and capacity 24x7.
  • Automated process management
    Through the service and process monitoring tool detects when loading reaches a certain point. CSP then enables a service that scales out or returns IT resources both vertically and horizontally.
  • Heterogeneous support
    Cloud Smart Portal provides a unified interface across a range of the most popular hypervisors.
  • Custom reporting
    Which is essential to IT managers, with repost send as when needed and to whoever needs them. Report types include IT usage, available resources, costs reports, and error reports.


  • management across multiple platforms:
    A uniform management interface with support for multiple hypervisors allows for simpler management, faster response and certified performance and security. CSP provides end-to-end VM life cycle management which can increase the proportion of machines per MIS and reduce the total cost of IT operation for the enterprise.
  • Agile application & service:
    A cloud architecture with built-in process automation flow allows organizations to enjoy rapid scalability, greater ability to meet demands, and improve corporate IT''s agility and SLA commitment. Moreover, it can fulfill the benefits of anytime-anywhere access enterprise IT services.
  • Expand infrastructure flexibility:
    Lowering the cost overhead of migrating to a cloud environment, CSP allows enterprises to build a different scale of on-premise private cloud. CSP users enjoy total flexibility for future expansion of private, hybrid and public clouds.
Edition Chart


Module Functions Lite Edition Standard Edition
On-Demand Self-Service Service Portal
Role-base access control
Project control
Service catalogue
VM subscription
Approval process
Automated provisioning
VM operations
VM motion
Autoscan discovery
Account synch. with AD
Event logs  
CSP heart beat  
Company logo placement  
Broad Network Access VM IP by DHCP
VM IP by fix IP
Microsoft load balancing
F5 load balancing  
Resource Pooling VMware hypervisor
Hyper-V hypervisor
XenServer hypervisor
Host HA  
VM Fault-tolerant  
VM with no-shared storage  
Rapid Elasticity Scale up/down
Scale in/out
Guest OS install from ISO file  
Project across multiple VLAN<  
Measured Service Performance monitoring
Utilization monitoring
Event alerting
Dashboard (2 tier)
Dashboard (4 tier)  
System topology maintenance  
Monitoring threshold toggle  
Service report subscription  
Configuration table