Alertness Test of Phishing Email

Service introduction

The Email information security alertness service package is provided for the unit under test to understand the existence of social engineering by means of Email, and increase alertness of internal staffs with respect to Emails from unknown sources. Also, the unit under test can learn about possible security breaches based on the test result, which are reinforced through implementation of internal education & training, and served as norm of information security management.

Product description

Service items Description
Product Content
Testing Functions
  • Providing email templates for customer’s testing options
  • Conducting services with respect to accounts under test provided by customers
Testing Methods
  • Mail types
  • Text hyperlinks
  • Picture hyperlinks
  • Attached MS-Word files
  • Recording behavior of test taker
  • Opening email completely
  • Clicking on email hyperlinks
  • Opening attachment
Testing Report
  • Statistics of grouping results by unit
  • Email delivery schedule
  • Email information listing
  • Overall temptation result charts
  • Open up email completely and hyperlink clicking statistics charts by units
  • Tempted email opening ratio and clicking ratio distribution charts
  • Open up email and clicking frequency distribution charts
  • Recipient clicking / Opening up email completely by ranking

Expected benefits
  • Understanding staffs e-mail access on a regular base
  • Developing employees’ awareness on social engineering
  • Enhancing information security awareness of staffs, reducing Email leakage risk
  • With weekday Email social engineering drill test, it is desired to mitigate penetration into unit done by intended people who use Email fishing, and even steal sensitive data.

Execution flow