Do you feel disturbed by managing the increasingly large client PC environment? With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), enterprise can deregulate the dependence among hardware, operating system, and application with user data. Acer eDC VDcooper provides enterprise to have centralized, secured and reliable user desktop management solution. It allows PC desktop using a new processing mode and simplifies PC management. Each user can utilize from any authorized device to access personal desktops. IT departments can take advantage of its centralized management of desktop to balance the workloads. The user can experience the convenience which brings by the desktop virtualization.

Product Features


  • Simple and easy to use interface VDcooper Scene
  • Built-in cloud storage mechanism Box101
  • Integrate with CSP to form a complete cloud management platform
  • System utilizes KVM virtualization technology.
  • Adopts the centralized computing model VDI architecture and high-performance remote display protocol SPICE
  • Provide authentication mechanism and built-in VPN connection
  • Simplify the installation with Quick Start
  • Provide hardware integration and optimization
  • Built-in teaching scenario UI and global resource management
  • Software based but can be combined with different hardware solutions

Major benefits

Reduce management complexity
  • Operating system, application and personal configuration desired by the user whole store in centralized server and storage. It simplifies the management objects.
Resolve application compatibility problems
  • It meets the application environment required for legacy OS through a single computer virtualization which performing simultaneously with different OS and application,
Strengthen data security
  • Force the user only storing data in the back-end server or storage device to prevent copying or distribution archive by interested parties.
  • Through the management interface, it can restrict the use of the principle of USB flash drive or CD-ROM drive and other peripheral storage device.
Extended equipment life
  • Allows users with a streamlined or thin device to perform complex applications and operating systems as long as the back-end server can afford the loading, the front-end hardware platform with software upgrade is not required.

Compact thin client device Reference Specifications
miniPC Thin Client Box
  • ARM 4 core A9 processor
  • AMD 2 core 1.0 GHz processor
Memory Memory
  • 2GB DDR3 SDRAM, 8G Memory
  • Up to 4GB DDR3 SDRAM
Storage Storage
  • 32GB MicroSD support (option)
  • Up to 32GB SSD
Peripheral Peripheral
  • Dis[lay Resolution: 1920x1080
  • WIFI, HDMI, USB, Gigabit Ethernet
  • Display Resolution: 1920x1200