Anti-hacking Monitoring Service

In today''s information technology environment, how to prevent information security threats from malware and hackers has been a major concern for many corporate executives. This has become a vital issue when enterprises are becoming increasingly dependent on internets. To prevent operation losses resulted from internet, many enterprises have decided to make a substantial investment in information security measures. However, the problems that enterprises are facing with include, "whether these investments are effective?”, as well as "whether these investments are sufficient and adequate?” In fact, information security arena is highly professional. As the internet technology keeps evolving and becomes more advanced, enterprises are facing with information security incidents that are increasingly complex than before. Under this circumstance, many enterprises find it difficult to address these two problems mentioned above.

As part of a remedy, acer ACSI launches the "anti-hacking monitoring and management services", which aim at providing information security services that meet customers’ demands and make customers feel comfortable in applying acer ACSI SOC management center establishments.

Service Overview
Due to technology advances, the way that hackers choose to attack has become diversified, too. Simply apply anti-virus software or anti-hacking equipments can no longer guarantee being immune from malware and hacker attacks, or even just to figure out what sort of attack behaviors are likely to happen. In many cases, we need to take different scenarios into account, analyze the correlation among each other, even go through a period of time before we could possibly realize what is going on. These, of course, could not be achieved overnight, but need a constant accumulation of experiences over time to make it. This is especially true in term of information security operations. Only through experiences could we detect, identify and become relieved from malware or hacker attacks. A number of anti-virus or anti-hacking products claim that they are highly effective. However, without taking appropriate or workable procedures to deal with situational changes, once there comes a new attack model, the entire protection system is likely to be completely shut down. Merely apply hardware and software product solutions can no longer guarantee the information security of the enterprises.

Acer ACSI anti-hacking monitoring and management services assist enterprises to carry out thorough information security measures, monitor abnormal internet environments, as well as handle unexpected information security incidents. This service platform, consisting of a variety of information security equipments inside the enterprise, including heterogeneous platform firewall (Firewall), network-based intrusion detection and protection system (NIDS / IPS / IDP), host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS), Web AP Firewall and other information security incident records that derive from other servers, serves to collect data in a systematic manner, make correlation analysis, monitor abnormal internet behaviors, provide alert notification, as well as assist enterprises in event processing.

Service Features

  • Provide an instant internet monitoring and analysis of abnormal behavior for 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Provide a complete and in-depth detection mechanism
  • Support most of information safety equipments on the market
  • Centralize heterogeneous platform and document incident records
  • Provide accurate judgment in the face of information security incidents
  • Enhance the width and depth of monitoring services by means of customized capabilities
  • Provide an interim work station in the face of malicious attacks
  • Provide the up-to-date information security news from time to time
  • Provide anti-hacking monitoring service reports
  • Provide exclusive portal services
  • Provide remote or on-site technical support services
  • Provide identification services for information security incidents
  • Optimize incident notification and processing procedures
Service Benefits
  • Provide the most in-depth information security protection for enterprises, and optimize the benefits of investments.
  • Provide professional information security reports and assist enterprises in continuously carrying out measures to enhance their security level.
  • Make sure that enterprises are not wasted in their information security investment, from purchasing equipments to the operations, as well as from taking the decentralized approach into centralized management measures.
  • Effectively reduce the processing time with regard to the security incidents and help identify the root cause.