Educational training in information security

As internet threats increase and the attacking methods are getting more and more complicated, many information security problems of enterprises are generated.The government and authorities also predict an increase in requests to enhance the risk management on information security of enterprises. However, in addition to implementing technological tools, the promotion and education in information security awareness of internal staff is also another major key factor in the prevention of threats and attacks and whether the information security policies will be practiced. In the light of this, Acer CyberCenter Services, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as ACSI)provides not only information security management services but also relevant educational training ininformation security.

Service outline

IT technicians are the information security defense in the enterprises, so they need to know their enemies and the techniques of cybercrimes.Meanwhile, general administrative personnel or managers need sufficient security awareness to use information systems correctly in order to avoid being the vulnerability in the units and being attacked by hackers. Based on the two demands above, ACSI provides the following respective courses:

  • Applicable object: general administrative personnel
    • Course Objective: Realize the newest information security trends and establish information security awareness
    • Courses:
      Course code Course name
      A1  Information security management and crisis handling
      A2  Business continuity management and disaster recovery
      A3  Information security awareness and crisis handling for managers
      A4  information security concepts
      A5  Threats to information security and the malicious damage in computer
      A6  Information security in Web 2.0 era
      A7  Protection of personal privacy
      A8  Practice of personal computer protection
      A9  Prevent computer virus
      A10  Prevent spam mail (junk mail)
      A11  Protection personal information
      A12  Business Continuity Management
      A13  Analysis of the threats to information security and case study
      A14  Practice of computer and information security protection
      A15  Prevent malware and social engineering protection
      A16  Informatization of lives and its risk management
      A17  Security issues of wireless network and protection strategies
      A18  Social network and information security

  • Applicable object: IT technicians
    • Course Objective: Enhance the system technique related to information security and dig deeply into the invading method and tools of hackers in order to check the system security and enhance the overall information security environment. The trainees will have the abilities of preliminary diagnosis and prevention after the courses.
    • Courses
      Course code Course name
      B1  Identity verification and access control
      B2  Internet security concepts
      B3  Discussion of the basic of public key infrastructure, and the technology trends of PKI
      B4  Explanation of important information security prevention system and tools
      B5  Introducing the concepts of vulnerability scanning and security patch management
      B6  Practice of defending hackers: phishing attack and the practice of security incident investigation and prevention (I)
      B7  Practice of defending hackers: Web application attacks and the practice of security incident investigation and prevention(II)
      B8  Practice of defending hackers: Behavior patterns of malicious code and the practice of security incident investigation and prevention(III)
      B9  Practice of defending hackers: Analysis of the large-scale attack cases and the practice of security incident investigation and prevention(IV)
      B10  Computer forensics and identify malicious behavior patterns for software
      B11  Web server and Web application security
      B12  Case study in cyber security attack in Taiwan