Innovation and Care: An Irreplaceable Navigator that Leads to Dreams 

Based on the concept of professional division of labor, eDC delivers integrated data backup services with the world-class hosting room to ensure that businesses can outsource their IT management without worrying about anything. In fact, this is the very aim and persistence of eDC acting as the guardian angle of the IT for businesses. When compared to other data centers, the five major advantages of eDC include:

Secure and reliable professional hosting room meeting international standards
  Prevents earthquakes and floods with a special structure design, fire with fireproof building materials and equipment, and EMI with antistatic partition design and materials.  
  Protects the security of customer data with the most advanced control center and closely deployed surveillance and security systems that also monitor the electricity supply, air-conditioning, fire alarm, security and networks.  
  Ensures interrupted services with high-capacity, long-term-running and multilevel backup power supply and air-conditioning systems, UPSes and standby batteries.

High-performance and thoughtful professional services 
  Provides professional services covering network management and IT management with the state-of-the-art technologies.  
  Redefines eDC in the new generation with focus on the service quality in the e-commerce era.  
  Provides uninterrupted professional consultancy services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Customer-focus technical team
  Puts customers first in team training and technology certifications.  
  Performs well-planned onsite tests for all services at the IT Lab of eDC prior to delivery.

Countless resources and outstanding brand image
  In addition to an outstanding enterprise and brand image, eDC is equipped with superior human resources for developing the Internet-related businesses in order to provide multinationals comprehensive e-enabling services. In terms of corporate culture, organizational response ability, development strategy, human resources, technology capacity or product ranges, eDC is always the best partner for long-lasting cooperation.

Collaboration world-leading IT and networking suppliers
  Establishes well-laid operational processes with the specialties of world-leading IT and networking suppliers, such as Cisco, Unisystem, Intel, Microsoft Taiwan etc; and cultivates world-class professional service personnel with advanced technologies.
  Assists subscribers to achieve globalization with globally ubiquitous network channels.