SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response)


Amid the frequent occurrence of cybersecurity incidents and the continuous evolution of hacking techniques, businesses are compelled to consistently invest in cybersecurity personnel and tools. However, this has led to increased complexity in protective mechanisms. The challenge lies in effectively integrating threat intelligence and automating the analysis of security rules, thereby identifying concealed risks and implementing automated defenses. This has become a crucial concern for enterprises.

With years of operational experience in SOC and platform management of SIEM, our company can assist businesses in addressing escalating cybersecurity threats even with limited security manpower. In response, we have introduced the SOAR service, combining the strengths of SOC and SOAR technologies. This empowers enterprises to transition from a passive to a proactive approach, thereby bolstering their cybersecurity strategies.




Service Features

• Integration of the Largest SOC Threat Intelligence System in Taiwan.
• Provision of Optimal Scenario Scripts.
• Offering Professional Consultation Services.