Information security defense covers a wide range, and even with a robust defense in depth strategy, it remains challenging to guarantee the absence of unexpected events in the face of continuously emerging vulnerabilities and active hacker groups. To address such incidents, our company established the "Digital Forensics Center" in 2016.

The Digital Forensics department currently offers services in two main areas: "Incident Response" and "Digital Evidence Preservation." The former focuses on investigating cybersecurity incidents, while the latter emphasizes the preservation, collection, and analysis of digital evidence.


Features The only domestically established SOC with an in-house Digital Forensics Center, accredited by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) for ISO 17025 Testing and Calibration Laboratories (Laboratory No.: 3334).

Incident Response: Focusing on identifying the root causes of events and providing corresponding improvement and response recommendations to prevent future intrusions using the same attack techniques. By combining pre-incident monitoring through our SOC services with post-incident response using forensic services, we offer clients a comprehensive information security total solution.

Digital Evidence Preservation: Emphasizing the integrity and preservation of evidence. When initiating digital evidence preservation operations, the entire process, from evidence collection, verification, preservation, transportation, to final analysis and search, adheres to the ISO 17025 international standard. The digital forensics reports delivered are also recognized by international courts.