Building –up Trusted Protection Network For Business Information.

Acer Cyber Security Inc. (ACSI) is founded in 2000, We provide professional digital information management services for businesses. ACSI has been performing services in a global scale for years. With integrated maintenance capabilities of Data Center Hotel, Network, Disaster Recovery and Security Services, ACSI also dedicated to develop all sorts of solutions in response to the growing use of cloud services and big data. ACSI aims to quickly import various products into the market, offer our customer the best suitable solution.
ACSI has dedicated in the cyber security business for years, and become the leader in the industry. Not only we’re capable to construct the complete SOC platform and technology but also is the most experienced SOC service provider with the most operating forces, clients, and covering the most extensive range. ACSI is also granted with ISO 17025 laboratory certification. We are the only one devoted with self-built SOC digital forensic center in the country. With this facility, we are able to monitor unusual security activities through the SOC services beforehand, and cope with forensic services; by enforcing these procedures, we’re able to provide our client a thorough cyber security solution.
Aside of government agencies, ACSI also provides services in various industry, such as the financial securities’ sector, insurances, manufacturing, logistic business also e-commerce companies, and so forth. Currently, the four major categories of ACSI  services include security management, security monitoring, security auditing and Information sharing and OT security management service.

Service Content:
  • Security management service
    • Consultation of ISMS/PIMS/ITSM building
    • Risk assessment and audit on information security/personal information
    • Orientation & training on information security
  • Security monitoring service
    • Anti-hack monitoring service
    • Antivirus monitoring service
    • Security incident investigation and analysis
    • SOC planning & constructing
    • Threat analysis using AI and big data technology
  • Security auditing service
    • Distributed Denial of Service Exercise
    • Security health analysis service
    • System vulnerability scan
    • Web vulnerability scan
    • Penetration test
    • Mobile app information security analysis
    • Source code analysis
    • E-mail alertness test
  • Information sharing and OT security management service
    • Information security intelligence collection and analysis service
    • Platform building and operation of  information sharing and analysis(ISAC) center
    • Vulnerability and threat evaluation of industrial control systems
Development of IT Services

2001.10 Set up the Department of Cyber Security.
2001 Becoming the first company in Taiwan to introduce ITIL system into the country.
2003.09 Grants with BS7799 certification
2003.10 Winning the NSOC bidding to build a national level SOC for the National Information & Communication Security Taskforce.
2004.05 Set up a simple version of SOC
2005.05 Providing SOC building services and assistance to maintenance & operation services.
2005.10 Importing ArcSight SOC
2005.10 Start to significantly increase the deployment of SOC to monitor clients.
2006.05 Providing SOC operational smart consultancy services.
2006.09 Certified to ISO27001
2007.10 Expanding and operating SOC overseas
2008.04 Certified ISO20000 extends to SOC monitoring service
2010.10 Approved with the membership of G-ISAC (Government-Information Sharing and Analysis Center) by Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan
2015.05 ISO27001 certification updated
2016.07 Providing source code analysis service
2016.12 Providing mobile app information security detection service
2017.07 Qualified GSOC connectivity test
2017.07 Build up Digital Forensics Center (granted with TAF certification)
2017.12 Build up ACSI-CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team)
2018.07 Registered on Taiwan Emerging Stock Market
2018.09  Partnered with SI in Thailand for the entry of ASEAN market
2019.03  First information security forensic laboratory setup in Taiwan
2019.10 IPO in Taiwan Over-the-Counter Stock Market 
2019.11  Allied with partner to start the SOC operation in Thailand  
2019.12 Provided the consultation service for Acer Group’s ISO27001 certification  
2020.02  Ranked as 5A, the highest level of Information Security Company by Taiwan Executive Yuan
2020.08 Allied with partner to start the cybersecurity assessment service in Indonesia
2020.12  Ranked as 5A, the highest level of Information Security Company by Taiwan Executive Yuan 
2021.05  Established ACSI Cyber Security Academy for cybersecurity training business 
2022.01  Acquired Acer e-Enabling Data Center Inc.